Digital Marketing

Paid Search Marketing helps your brand to outperform and compete with larger enterprises in connection with search engine traffic. It’s considered to be a skill which is least mastered. You definitely need expert assistance with good experience if you wish to make the best results of your business in a limited budget. The AdWords Management Services of our InletWare team has proven practices and strategies which will enhance your conversions and click-through rates and reduce your cost-per-click. We thoroughly and continuously analyze and measure your AdWords campaigns to make sure that we provide you with the best results. Whether you need to fix a current campaign that you can’t move or if you need to create a new Ad Campaign from scratch, we are here to help you.


  • Keyword research
  • Keyword planning
  • Ad text creation
  • Help with optimized landing pages
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • PPC monitoring
  • PPC cost management
  • Campaign improvement modification
  • Competitive research
  • Landing page development and improvements (as an additional service)
  • Testing


InletWare provides two best organic plans in SEO that is best for all types of businesses. In addition to that, Organic aka natural SEO provides you higher ROI (Return on Investment) for every advertising dollar. InletWare also includes Local SEO plans which can be adapted by any business type that depends on customers which are situated in your local market.

Our Step by Step SEO Process

Step1: Setting up Campaign

At this phase, we analyze your site, code, website content, link structure, website navigation, and more. In this phase, we also find your three top competitors on different search engines by analyzing in-depth and also draws a comparative report.

Step2: Keyword Research:

In this phase, we make in-depth research of your business with the help of actual search data and different tools to find the keywords which should be worth for the money you invest. Geographics area, business nature, target clientele, and other similar factors are also taken into research while making your keywords finalized. The keyword research is then sent to the client for review and approval.

Step3: Pages Optimization

The focus of this phase to optimize your pages based on the keyword, and therefore we take care of your content optimization via anchor text, interlinking, and keyword incorporation. We specifically optimize pages based on the various themes of each section of the pages of your website.

Step4: Optimizing Codes

The code is considered to be the life support system of your website. We have experts in SEO who analyze these codes and then rewrite the description, keyword tag, title tag to make sure that they are optimized for search engines, also checks if there are clickable and friendly to search engines.

Step5: Building Backlinks

The principal task of this phase is to grab the quality links with the help of unique and quality content marketing that promises you for maximum good value with the changing guidelines of the search engine. All the smart links we get are only from clean, high-authority and related quality websites so that you need not to worry about the rankings. We make use of low page authority link from similar sites instead using a one-way link from any random websites. Our key is to grab relevant links from relevant websites.

Step6: Facebook, Google and Twitter Marketing:

Social is one crucial part of the search, and therefore our package includes integrated social components to make your social media accounts active every day as well as get resulted in the top search results.

Step7: Tracking Rankings & generating Reports:

InletWare offers everything from research to report generation. We provide clients with an extensive range of report that includes every monthly traffic and ranking reports so that clients can see their business website keywords getting improved and gradually increasing.


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