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To ensure a bright future for your business, safeguarding your systems and data against modern cybercriminals is a must. To fulfill this need, businesses all over the world turn to Sophos for advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Sophos software for businesses provides reliable protection against the most advanced cyber threats of today while preparing for the next wave of new cybercrime tactics, keeping your business safe in this digital age. Over 400,000 organizations across more than 150 countries use Sophos for cybersecurity. The company has been around for nearly 30 years, in that time delivering excellence in antivirus and encryption products for 100 million people.

As an authorized Sophos reseller, InletWare can provide you with advanced cybersecurity technology at competitive prices, helping your business lock down its most critical data.

Cybersecurity Products From Sophos

InletWare is proud to offer advanced business security products from Sophos. Powered by AI technology and supported by SophosLabs, these products will provide unmatched efficiency in your cybersecurity system.

Our seasoned team at InletWare will evaluate your business’ needs to recommend the best solutions from Sophos for your workspace. Available cybersecurity products for businesses include:

Managed Threat Response

Managed threat response includes 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response. This service from Sophos provides support from cybersecurity experts who can respond to threats on your behalf. With the professionals at Sophos on your side, your business can react instantly to potential threats, ensuring that your data stays out of harm’s way.

XG Firewall

Sophos’ XG Firewall provides comprehensive protection for your entire business. With leading visibility into cybersecurity risks, next-generation protection technologies, and automatic threat response, your crucial data will remain locked down at all times.

XG Firewall from Sophos can even be used to secure your remote workers. By investing in this advanced security solution, you can protect your company’s crucial data by enabling employees to use a secure network, no matter where they work.

Endpoint Protection

Sophos endpoint protection for businesses provides comprehensive security with a defense-in-depth approach. By using an array of traditional and next-generation methods, Sophos software offers unparalleled protection against malware threats. Endpoint protection is available for desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices, ensuring that your company’s entire system is secured against attackers.

Public Cloud Protection From Sophos

All businesses can gain heightened flexibility and efficacy by transferring data to the public cloud. But, in doing so, you’ll need to face new challenges in cloud security and compliance. Public cloud protection from Sophos is available to help you manage growing security needs.

As a cloud-native software option, Sophos is ready to tackle cloud-based workloads with complete efficiency. Public cloud protection takes care of gaps in your security system to resolve your exposure to potential threats. Also, given that Sophos was built for the cloud, it can be implemented seamlessly into your business’ cybersecurity system. 

Sophos Solutions From InletWare

Top-quality cybersecurity solutions from Sophos are available at InletWare. With expert protection for your business’s data, you can dedicate your efforts to grow your business, rather than worrying about security threats.


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