The Main Benefits of Using The Cloud For Data Storage

Nowadays, the majority of businesses are turning to the cloud for a variety of operational needs. One major application of the cloud is data storage. Rather than using local storage to house and protect their data, companies are opting for the web-based storage available on the cloud. This can offer numerous benefits to businesses on the path to long-term growth. When compared to local storage, cloud data storage solutions are superior in price, convenience, and functionality. We’ll discuss the full range of benefits that businesses can reap from cloud data storage below. 

How The Cloud Works For Data Storage

How exactly does cloud data storage work? It uses one or more data servers that you, as the user, can access through the Internet. Then, connected to the server through the Internet, you can send files to the cloud. Files may be sent manually or automatically. 

Once you send files to the server, it will pass on the data to multiple other servers. At this point, your data can be accessed through the Internet, providing greater convenience and flexibility than local storage solutions. 

The Benefits of the Cloud For Data Storage

  1. Storage Savings

To preserve cash flow and maximize resources, businesses are always looking to cut costs when possible. Switching to the cloud for data storage can lead to lower costs for businesses at all stages. With the cloud as your data storage solution, you won’t have to spend money on hardware (and electricity to power that hardware) for your data. Plus, with a cloud vendor securely managing your data, you don’t need onsite management of hardware and software. This cuts down on your management costs while allowing you to allocate funds and manpower to other critical tasks. 

  1. Flexibility For Customization

Cloud vendors generally offer a range of data storage tiers to fit different needs. This can help you save money by selecting a tier that fits your needs. Rather than having to choose a cloud service that provides far more storage than you need, you can select the tier that matches the current scope of your business’s data needs. Then, as you grow, you can always upgrade your data storage tier. This ensures that you’re not paying for more storage than you’ll actually use. 

  1. Security

Cybersecurity is essential in today’s world of rampant cybercrime. The security of your business’s data is crucial to prevent a data breach. A breach would waste your precious time by sending the company into repair mode, rather than moving forward. 

In comparison to an onsite data storage solution, cloud storage offers more value for money in ransomware and malware protection. Backup security features are often offered, given that proper authentication is required to access any information on a cloud.  

  1. Advanced Disaster Recovery

Consider that all of your company’s data is stored on hardware located inside of your office. Now, consider that a flood sweeps through the area, reaching your office space and causing your hardware to short circuit. In this case, you would have a difficult disaster recovery on your hands, and some of your data could be gone for good. 

Now, imagine that your office floods, but all of the company’s data is stored on the cloud. That data is safe on the Internet, and no force of nature could ever damage it. This example goes to show that cloud data storage is an excellent disaster recovery strategy. With your data on the cloud, you can feel confident in your business’s ability to bounce back from a disaster with speed. 

  1. Facilitate Remote Work

Especially in the current global climate, remote work is an important aspect of many businesses. Many employees are now looking to work from home, and remote work can help businesses save on resources, including office space. 

Since data stored on the cloud is accessible on any device via the Internet, it facilitates remote work. Your employees will be able to reach the data that they need from any location, so long as they have access to the Internet and proper authentication. This is an excellent benefit for businesses looking to offer their employees the option of going remote. To learn more about cloud storage for your business, contact Inletware today.


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